Aside from dinner and dessert, the other main menu item you have to decide on when planning your wedding is your bar option. While you may want to provide your guests with unlimited cocktails throughout your reception, is that possible while staying within budget or do you want to offer that at all? There are a few things you should consider when choosing a cash bar or an open bar.

The Cost

The biggest difference between a cash bar and open bar is the cost. When you choose an open bar, you’re essentially fronting the entire bill of the amount of alcohol your guests will drink throughout the night. Rather than keep track of the cost of each drink, however, your venue will likely just add a certain dollar amount onto the price per dinner plate.

If your budget in on the smaller side, you may be better off opting for a cash bar. This will help keep a good chunk of change off your final bill.

The Control

When you choose a cash bar, you’re also (inadvertently) choosing how much your guests will drink. Most people won’t indulge in a drink nearly as much when there’s a cash bar than they would during an open bar.

While this can sometimes make a few guests unhappy, if you have any concerns that some people will enjoy an open bar a little too much, a cash bar may be a better option.

The Custom

Some people can consider it poor taste to not have an open bar for a wedding since it’s a traditional treat for guests. An open bar is often a way to show your guests you appreciate their coming to your big day — appreciation via unlimited alcohol.

Which is Better?

The decision to have a cash bar or an open bar is completely up to you — neither is better than the other. If you want to treat your guests to unlimited, free booze, go ahead. If you’d rather save the money to spend on another part of your wedding, that’s totally okay too!

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