While some events (such as birthday parties) tend to host guests of, majoritively, the same age group, other events feature attendees whose ages span generations. While it’s lovely to have everyone from baby Tommy to grandpa George in attendance at a function, there’s no denying that there are certain variations in how different age groups like parties to play out.

In order to host a successful multi-generational party, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Watch How You Send Invitations

While younger generations are used to social media and email-based invitations, older guests may not think to check for a party invitation that way — they may not even have an email to send an evite to.

It may cost a bit more, but it’s often the safest solution to send paper invitations by mail to ensure that everyone receives their invite and is aware of such.

Pick the Location Wisely

Just like a lodge club wouldn’t be the best place host children, an arcade probably won’t make older guests too happy either. You need to pick a location that is suitable for guests of any age. A catering hall usually provides the perfect balance of fun and sophistication for all of your attendees.

Give Everyone Good Food

Certain age groups appreciate certain foods more, but you don’t want to force younger guests to eat filet mignon or older guests to snack on chicken nuggets. Pick foods for your party that will appeal to everyone, such as chicken francese or penne alla vodka.

Choose Good Music

It’s no secret that every generation grew up with different kinds of music, so make sure that your band or DJ is playing a little something for everyone. If you focus mostly on one genre that is more appreciated by only one age group, other guests can feel awkward or left out.