There are so many great ways to learn and sharpen your skills these days. Corporate conferences provide many benefits to employees, by presenting them with invaluable information and ways to stay up to date on the latest industry trends. But sometimes conferences can be a bit of a bore. Keep your employees engaged and entertained with these creative conference ideas:

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A Picnic: A picnic combines an alternative to traditional meal service with a networking activity–and when held indoors, a picnic can take place year-round. Set up blankets with baskets of food for a traditional approach, and let the networking begin.

Badge Decorating: Badge decorating is an activity that allows attendees to show their individuality and creativity—and creates an easy topic of conversation among strangers. Throw it back to elementary school, and set up arts and craft options for attendees to choose from. This will be a great ice breaker among employees and will provide a creative break from absorbing information.

Play a Game of Telephone: At a recent conference in Montreal, employees stepped inside the “Channel” experience, where they grabbed one of the phone receivers and had a conversation with another guest in the room. The activity was intended to explore what it takes “to truly hear and be heard in our modern, hyper-connected world.” After the conversation, participants moved into a debriefing space to discuss the connection between the experience and their work. This is a great way to stress the importance of communication in the workplace.

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