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With each new year comes new resolutions, and a chance to set intentions for a successful 12 months ahead.  Many of us set our goals, create our plan, and then before we know it the year is coming to an end and we didn’t follow through with them. So how can we make 2017 different? If you’re looking to make the upcoming year a positive one in the workplace, here are some resolutions for your corporate meetings:

Start small: Focus on one goal that you want to accomplish as you head into the new year, and expand on it. Once your company  achieves that goal, move on to the next one. Encouraging your employees and meeting attendees to tackle one thing at a time will help them feel more in control and as overwhelmed as if they heard a whole list of things that need to happen in 2017.

Upgrade you technology:  Stop breaking your back by lugging around all those heavy binders and papers. Go digital and utilize programs and apps to help you get more organized and increase workplace productivity.  

Switch up your location: It’s easy for meetings to get boring and routine. Changing up the venue is a good way to spark creativity and provide a fresh space for regaining your focus. It’s important to choose a space that can accommodate your needs and serves as an encouraging backdrop for brainstorming and informative meetings.  

Follow-up: An important aspect of any successful business, is getting valuable feedback from your employees. Send out surveys to attendees to ask for advice on how to improve any sessions they attended, or suggestions on new ideas going forward.

What goals is your company hoping to set in 2017? If you’re looking for a new space to host trade shows, corporate meetings or brainstorming session, give the Italian Center a call. We are widely known for our excellent banquet and conference facilities among local Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. All of our banquet rooms have the ability to be set classroom and theater style, perfect for meetings and brainstorming sessions.To learn more about the corporate services we offer, visit our website or call 203.322.6950 to learn more.