Bridal showers are supposed to be exciting and happy — so why are so many bridal shower activities a little on the awkward side? Obviously, you want your guest of honor to love every second of her shower, so when you’re planning the party agenda, opt for these super fun, but not awkward, bridal shower activities. 


Bridal Questionnaire

Come up with a list of questions about the bride-to-be to see how well guests know her. These can be more common questions such as “What is her favorite color?” and “How old was she when she met the groom?” or tougher questions like “What is her shoe size?” and “What is her favorite thing about her honey?” Whoever gets the most questions right, wins!

He Said/She Said

Another quiz game! Ask the bride and groom to give you a bunch of statements said by either of them during their relationship, and print them out for guests to guess who said what. It helps to have a mix of statements clearly said by the bride or groom and ones that aren’t as easy to figure out.

Childhood Chance Game

Remember the paper flip catcher you used to make in grade school? Well here’s the bridal version complete with tasks like “give a relationship tip” and “play two truths and a lie” courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Lawn Games

Especially during the warmer months, lawn games are a great way to get guests up and moving and having fun. So break out the corn hole, croquet, and can jam, and have a tournament with all the bridal shower guests.

Bridal Shower Activities to Avoid

Bringing Up the Past

Since a shower usually has the bride’s family present, and potentially even the groom and other male guests, there’s no need for any game or trivia that brings up the wild spring break the bride had during her junior year in college. Overall, just keep it PG and parent-friendly.

Opening Presents in Front of Everyone

We know this is sometimes common for showers, but it can be really awkward if the bride receives a present she didn’t register for (read: probably didn’t want) and has to put on a smile anyway to show she appreciates it. We’ve all been there, it’s alright.

It can also make guests feel awkward if they purchased a lesser-costing gift and see the bride opening large or expensive presents.

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