It’s graduation season, and one of the best ways to celebrate your new grads is by throwing them a party to acknowledge all the hard work they put in the past few years. But if you’re going to be paying for college or grad school, you probably don’t want to blow a ton of money on a party. That’s why we’ve gathered a few ways for how you can throw a great graduation party on a budget.

Share the Party

Are their multiple people graduating in your family? Throw a joint party. It’s much cheaper to have one party for two or three related graduates and split the bill than it is throwgraduation-party-italian-center-banquetsing three different parties that have very similar guest lists. You’ll have fewer mouths to feed and won’t have to spend as much on table or chair rentals, saving you a bunch on the party expenses.


If you want to find the biggest expense of throwing a graduation party, it’s food. Catering costs add up very quickly, especially if you’re serving a lot of people. Plus, think of how much more certain groups eat than others — we’re looking at you athletes. Instead of just ordering food, make some yourself. You can whip up a variety of side salads and main dishes at a fraction of the cost of catering.

Invites & Decorations

Paper invites can cost you a good chunk of change, especially if they’re custom made. Instead, go digital, and send e-vites. This way you save money and can even get an automated list of the RSVPs depending on the program or website you use. As for decorationx, make your own with some supplies from a craft store or just decorate with photos of your grad throughout his or her educational career.

If you’re in need of a place to have your graduation party, come to Italian Center Banquets. We offer beautiful picnic grounds that serve as a picturesque backdrop for any outdoor event and tented areas that accommodate up to 1600 people. For more information, please call us at  203-322-6950.