As you go about planning your wedding, you’re likely thinking about how many plates you need to plan for, but what about the smaller guests that attend your big day — the kids? Especially if you have a big family or many of your adult guests have children they’ll need to account for, it’s almost impossible. Hosting a kid-friend wedding requires you to plan for a few extra details and measures to be taken in order to ensure everyone has a great time.

Have the Wedding Earlier

If you want to have a better chance of children behaving at your wedding and reception, try having the wedding earlier in the day. If kids have to stay up late for an evening wedding, they can become irritable and start to act out. If you have a daytime wedding, the kids will be more awake and have a better time at your event.

Have Kids Table

Kids will have more fun at your wedding if they’re seated with other kids at a table that’s sized for them. Plan to have one or two kids tables to accommodate all your younger guests. Kids will be able to hang out and talk to each other during your reception,  giving their parents the opportunity to mingle with other adults. You can also leave some coloring books or building blocks so the kids have activities to do at the tables as well.

Have Kid-Friendly Foods

While your adult guests will love the cold antipasto and steak dinners at your wedding, that won’t exactly please your younger guests. In order to keep kids full and happy, have more child-friendly menu items such as chicken fingers, pigs in a blanket, and penne ala vodka.

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