Being a first-time hostess can sometimes feel a bit stressful. Trying to balance the food, entertainment, and guests can get overwhelming if you aren’t confident in your hostess skills. Lucky for you, we’re here with tips so you don’t forget any important details. By avoiding these few hostess mistakes, your event will run smoothly.

Not Introducing Guests to Each Other

If you know that not all of your guests are familiar with each other, you should be introducing the different groups. If you feel overwhelmed hosting people you already know, imagine how some guests feel walking into a party of strangers. Introducing guests also makes them feel more welcomed and acknowledged.hostess-mistakes-italian-center-banquets

Not Serving Alcohol or Non-Alcohol Alternatives

While alcohol isn’t an absolute necessity at parties, guests often expect it to be there. It helps take the edge off of meeting new people and makes guests feel slightly more comfortable. However, not everyone drinks alcohol, so make sure you have other options available, such as juices, sodas, and virgin cocktails.

Not Having Enough Food

Food makes or breaks any event, so if you leave guests hungry, you’re committing a major party faux pas. You don’t need to have elaborate dishes, but you should definitely have enough food available to satisfy everyone. A simple display of finger foods served buffet-style is always a safe choice.

Drinking Too Much at Your Own Party

This one is pretty much a given, but it’s a common hostess mistake. Yes, alcohol is a good way to relax at a party, but that’s all it should do. If you drink too much at your own party, that’s what guests will remember, instead of how well put together your event was.

Another hostess mistake is not choosing the right venue for your party. Whether you need a room for 50 or 250, Italian Center Banquets can accommodate your event! Our excellent staff will help you take the stress out of being a hostess, so you can spend time enjoying your own party. If you’re looking for the perfect venue in Stamford, CT, call us at 203-322-6950.