Holding An Outdoor Wedding | Weddings Fairfield County | Norwalk | Greenwich | StamfordWhen couples start planning their weddings, they often look for the most beautiful room a venue has to offer. But why limit yourself to the indoors? Outdoor weddings have the potential to be stunning affairs, especially now that it’s springtime. There are plenty of reasons to hold an outdoor wedding, but we’re going to give you our top four.

  1. Photo Opportunities: No amount of special indoor lighting can compare to using nature as your wedding photo backdrop. Whether you choose a lush garden, a romantic wooded area, a rustic barn, or a waterfront oasis, your outdoor wedding photos will look so much more beautiful than anything you could take indoors. Plus, guests will love posing against a scenic, outdoor background rather than a lit up wall indoors.
  2. Outdoor Activities: Add an extra flair of fun to your wedding by having some activities and games for guests to enjoy. Set up some golf or putt-putt for the guys or a craft station for the younger kids. If your venue allows it, have a bonfire — because nothing says summer like a bonfire. And at the end of the night, release lanterns into the air while surrounded by your family and friends.
  3. Theme and Color Scheme: Once spring hits, you have the option to theme your outdoor wedding around the season’s flowers and colors. This is great for those brides and grooms who want to fill their weddings with pastels and dusty shades of pink. You can lay flower petals down the aisle and set up twinkling lights without risking a clash with the season. For example, dusty pink and beige don’t fit as well in winter, which is a time for darker shades.
  4. Socialization: While an indoor wedding also presents the chance to socialize with other guests, outdoor weddings tend to have a more relaxed vibe, making it more likely that those shy guests will feel comfortable making friends. Guests can bond over a game of horseshoes or a drink around a bonfire, and let’s be honest — what better way to end an evening with friends than by watching the sun go down?

Italian Center Banquets offers beautiful picnic grounds and tented areas that are perfect for your outdoor wedding and can accommodate 100 to 1500 guests for one-of-a-kind outdoor events. For more information, call 203-322-6950.