Congratulations! You’ve been given the honor of hosting a bridal shower for your loved one. The only downside is that it can often be difficult to plan an event that meets both the wants of the bride and the suggestions of the bridal party. Don’t worry – we’re here with a few tips to help you plan the perfect bridal shower.

  1. Coordinate the colors to match the wedding. Themes can be tricky to figure out and execute well, so save yourself the hassle, and choose a simple color scheme that mimics the wedding instead. If the bride chose gold and white for her reception, incorporate those colors into the shower invitations, decorations, and flowers.
  2. Have fun games ready to go. You’re mixing many different people into this event, and it’s likely that not everyone will know each other. Games are a great way to break the ice and make the bride feel extra special. We suggest activities like “He Said, She Said” and bride/groom trivia.
  3. Create your own cocktails. Having a signature cocktail is a perfect way to welcome guests bridal-shower-toast-italian-center-banquetsand set the tone for the bridal shower. Try whipping one up on your own, or employ the help of any bartender friends you may have. If you hold the event at a catering hall, you can work with the bar staff to create an appropriately themed drink.
  4. Have favors that guests can actually use. Yes, cookies and personalized gift bags are adorable takeaways, but they last all of 10 minutes once guests leave the shower. Look up DIY shower scrubs, or order personalized hand mirrors. Guests will love the everyday application of these gifts, and every time they use them, they’ll be reminded of your event.
  5. Pass out desserts during presents. While everyone loves seeing the bride’s reactions to the thoughtful gifts everyone got her, opening presents can take a while. Instead of having guests get antsy, pass out dessert during this time to give them something to do.

Hosting a bridal shower is one of the best gifts you can give to a bride-to-be. Along with these tips, there is one other important key to making your event a success: the venue. The perfect venue equals the perfect bridal shower. Italian Center Banquets offers three beautiful event spaces and an expert staff dedicated to making any event you host with us magical.

For more information about hosting your bridal shower at our Stamford venue, call us at 203-322-6950.