After you’ve decided on a venue, a menu, and favors, you have to start considering another important part of your wedding — the entertainment. Music is essential to making sure everyone has a good time at your event, so this becomes a big decision that usually comes down to this choice: a band or DJ? 

Each option comes with its own pros and cons.

A Band

Pro: Live Music

There’s something about live music that makes a song a little more enjoyable. Whether it be a beautifully-played acoustic guitar piece or a lively song break by the horn section, the way a band plays live can really increase the excitement of your reception.

Con: Price

If you’re set on having a 12-piece ensemble play at your reception, be prepared to spend more than you would on a DJ. While better-known DJ’s can get a bit pricey too, bands can charge based on the size of the group playing and the time of year, on top of the amount of time they’ll be needed.

Con: A Lack of Space

You need to be sure your venue has enough space to accommodate the size band you want to have while also leaving enough room for you and your guests. If there isn’t a lot of space, you won’t be able to comfortably fit everyone, and your reception will feel cramped.


Pro: Song Variety

A DJ is much more likely to have that obscure song that only you and your fiancé love — a band probably won’t know it. DJ’s tend to have thousands of songs on hand to meet any requests you or your guests have.

Con: Poor MC Skills

Your DJ may have good song choices and skills on a turntable, but if he can’t get your guests excited or simply has boring MC skills, your reception can feel dull and guests won’t enjoy your celebration nearly as much.

Con: Too Many Requests

There are probably songs that you would prefer not to be played on your big day, but at every wedding, guests love to make song requests. If the DJ takes those requests, you could end up hearing the lovely twang of the Cotton Eye Joe, courtesy of your younger cousins.

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