As time goes on, outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular with new brides. While indoor weddings are sometimes seen as more traditional, outdoor weddings have their own certain set of charms. If you’re not sure if you think you’d like an indoor or outdoor wedding, take a moment to consider the benefits of having an outdoor wedding. outdoor-wedding-serafina-at-the-ic

They Can Be More Casual

While indoor weddings can be a bit more formal, outdoor weddings can give a more relaxed, casual vibe, which may be just what you need if wedding planning is stressing you out. An outdoor setting also allows for a more casual dress code and can make guests feel more comfortable as well.

But remember: Don’t mix up casual with unorganized or messy. When we say casual, we mean between the shining sun and (hopefully) light breeze, an outdoor wedding simply creates a more relaxed atmosphere.

They Allow More Room for Activities

When you have an outdoor wedding as opposed to indoor one, you tend to have more space to entertain guests with fun activities such as photo booths and games. And since the space is all a part of your venue, guests will feel like they have more room to roam while not getting too far away from the reception.

They Offer Picture-Perfect Backdrops

The sunset towards the end of the night; endless blue skies against bright green grass — outdoor weddings give you a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Rather than having to travel to a picturesque spot to get your dream wedding pictures, you can take them right at your reception area.

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