Hosting a fundraiser is one of the most exciting and rewarding types of events that you can plan.  However, since a charitable organization or group benefits from and depends on how successful the event is, there’s a little bit more added pressure, so you don’t want to forget any details.

If it’s your first time planning a fundraiser, use this checklist to make sure it’s the best event possible.

Organize Your Committees

When it comes to planning a fundraiser, the more hands on deck, the better. Divvy up your help into different groups and give each group a responsibility. You can have a group responsible for getting donations, marketing, setting up the day-of, and so on.

Determine Your Budget

Sure, you have to spend money to make money, but you don’t want to be spending too much. Determine how much money will be allocated for different things such as the venue, entertainment, marketing, and so on, and stick to those numbers.

Set A Date and Book the Venue

Figure out a date and time that work best for everyone on your committees and offer potential attendees the best chance for actually showing up. Once you have that set, book a venue that is within your budget and preferably has experience hosting fundraising and corporate events.

Sort Out Event Details

Figure out any raffles, ticket sales, entertainment, and other details that will go into your fundraiser. Since this is a lot to handle, this is really when your committees come in handy.


When the big day arrives, greet every guest with a big smile and make every effort possible to raise money for your cause. After the event, make sure you send out thank-you notes and use social media to help share how much money you raised.

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