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The holiday season is the best time of year … to say “YES!”  With so many perfect opportunities to pop the questions, here are some ways to plan the perfect Christmas proposal:

A Box Inside a Box, Inside a Box, Inside a Box

Wrap the ring box and place it inside a slightly bigger box, wrap the slightly bigger box. Repeat  until you have a really big box. Place your gift under the tree ready the night before. On Christmas morning, watch as your partner opens each box with increasing frustration. When they’re about to get to the last present, be ready to pop the question!

Have Carolers Sing Your Proposal

This is something you’d see in a movie, but what can we say–we love love! Ask a local choir or find some carolers to come to your front door and sing your partner’s favorite Christmas carol. Have them change some of the words in the last verse to ‘will you marry me’ and simultaneously get down on one knee.

Christmas Lights Proposal

Untangle those lights from last year and get to work! Patience is key. Spell “Will You Marry Me” on the roof or lawn, when it gets dark, plug the lights in and Ta-Dah!

Santa Baby

Disguise yourself as Santa Claus and surprise your partner at a Christmas party. When it’s your partner’s turn to come sit on Santa’s lap, drop down on one knee, reveal yourself and pop the question! Your partner will be so shocked and never see this coming!


Once you pop the question, you’ll of course need the perfect venue to host your engagement party and beautiful wedding! That’s where we come in!  Italian Center Banquets is here to help take care of all of the details for  your big day. Our grand ballroom and unique outdoor space serve as the perfect venue and beautiful background to say “ I-do.” Our gracious staff can help you coordinate every detail and will put your mind at ease, creating a stress-free wedding planning experience! To learn more give us a call at 203-322-6950 today!