Aside from the bride and groom themselves, one of the biggest focal points of any wedding is the wedding cake. Typically, you’ll walk into a wedding and see anything from a two to ten-tiered cake sitting in the room, ready to cut – but what if you want to deviate from tradition and offer something else for dessert. Well, you can! There are plenty of wedding cake alternatives that you can serve at your upcoming nuptials.

Cupcake Tower

If you want to maintain the typical shape of a tiered wedding cake but don’t fancy yourself a cake person, why not downsize to cupcakes? You can fashion a multi-tiered dessert tower out of individual cupcakes or lay out a single layer spread.  Especially since they can be decorated in many different designs – fondant or icing flowers, for example – cupcakes offer all the sweet benefits of cake while allowing for guests to take their treats on-the-go and munch on the dessert while on the dance floor.

Donut Wall

These dessert walls are becoming increasingly more popular, and it’s hard not to see why. Donuts are the perfect mobile treat, often available in both sweet and savory formats to meet everyone’s taste buds. You can also lay out this cake alternative dessert in different ways – create donut towers to mimic the look of a multi-tiered cake or hang individual donuts from pegs on a wall for guests to pick as they choose.

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