When you’re planning your wedding, there are a million things to keep track off — food, venue details, potential travel arrangements, etc. In the madness of it all, you’re naturally bound to forget a few things. Since we don’t want you stressing out on your big day, here are a few things that are easy to forget but important to know for your wedding. forgetting-for-wedding-serafina-at-the-ic

Have a Plan B

No one wants to hear those words in relation to their wedding, but you need to have one, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. You have to think of what you’re going to do if there’s bad weather. This can, in part, be remedied by having a tent for your outdoor event.

Set Up Extra Seats

If your ceremony is set up to accommodate a certain number of people, it’s important to remember that not everyone will want to sit directly next to each other, so there should be extra chairs available to allow for a little wiggle room and comfort.

Include a Food Allergy Survey with Your Invitation

Whether it be a seafood, nut, dairy, or gluten allergy, there are bound to be at least a handful of guests who will have dietary restrictions, so include a little card for guests to send back to note this. You don’t want anyone remembering your wedding as the one they couldn’t eat anything at.

Budget for Gratuity

Not every contract will already include gratuity, so make sure you leave some room in your budget to tip your transportation drivers, band, and maî·tre d. While it’s not necessarily required, it’s definitely a nice gesture, especially if they did a great job.

Have a Point-Person the Day Of

You have enough things going on the day of your wedding, so you don’t need a dozen people texting you with questions. Whether it be your Maid of Honor or someone else in your wedding party, hand off your phone, and make them the point-person for anything that needs attention day-of.


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