How many graduation parties do you think you’ll be invited to and attend in the next month or so? We’re guessing a lot. And if you’re throwing one yourself, you probably don’t want your event blending in with the other dozen parties everyone is also attending. That’s why you should try out these creative ways to improve your graduation party.

graduation-party-italian-center-banquetsGet a Cotton Candy Cart

Whether it’s because it reminds them of childhood or simply because it tastes so sweet, everyone loves cotton candy. Roll one into your grad party, and get flavors that match your school’s colors for an extra touch of fun.

Create a DIY Popcorn Bar

This is especially fun if you studied film! Pop a bunch of corn, and have extras like caramel sauce, melted butter, and chocolate candies available as toppings. Don’t stop there though! Buy or make paper grad caps as a themed way to hold the treats.

Have a Graduation-Themed Candy Station

Set out candy rings as class rings, upside-down mini peanut butter cups that look like grad caps, and plastic champagne flutes with Smarties in them as an extra sweet treat for all your guests. Plus, the candy bags they create can also act as party favors, saving you time and money during your planning.

Blow Up Balloon Superlatives

If you want a creative way to improve your grad party that isn’t just food, add balloon superlatives to honor every grad at the party. Tape photos of each graduate to the balloon’s string, and give each of them a superlative such as “Most Like To Become Class Clown” or “Biggest Bookworm.”

Set Up an Advice Box

Everyone probably has at least one bit of wisdom they can share with the grad, so give them the opportunity to do so. Leave out cards and pens to let guests write down their advice to the grad, and have a box they can drop the cards into. It’ll be great for the graduate to read how many people care about his or her future.

If you need a place to hold your graduation party or future event, contact Italian Center Banquets. Our beautiful venue spaces can accommodate up to 1,600 guests, and our staff makes it their priority to make your event a night you’ll never forget. For more information, please call us at 203-322-6950.