The transition from one year to the next is notorious for bringing about another transition – the move from “significant other” to “fiancé.” As exciting as it was to get engaged, telling your family and friends adds an entirely new level of happiness to the event. We’re here to give you some foolproof ways to announce your engagement.

Sit Them Down in Person
Telling your close friends and loved ones in person is a great way to share your news before everyone finds out. It’s wonderful to see the joy on their faces, which is something you’ll never forget. If you aren’t able to tell your family in person due to distance, a phone call is the next best thing.

Go Old School & Publish It
Sharing your engagement in the newspaper used to be a very common way to announce it to your family and neighbors. Choosing this classic route allows you to keep the clipping in a scrapbook and cherish it forever.

Post to Social Media
Nowadays, social media is the quickest and easiest way to announce your engagement. A heartfelt Facebook post, Instagram photo, or even a quick Snapchat will tell your entire social network to start ringing the wedding bells.

Send a Video
If your fiancé filmed the proposal, share the moment in an email blast. Your friends and family will love re-watching the clip almost as much as you will.

Mail an Invitation
If you really want to go for the shock factor and don’t mind the barrage of phone calls you’re likely to receive, mail out an engagement party invitation as your way of announcing your big news. Even if some people already know, a party will make it official.

An engagement party is a perfect way to solidify one of the happiest moments of your life. At, we make sure that your event embodies the excitement and love you and your fiancé feel for each other.

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