Reaching retirement is a huge milestone in a person’s life. He or she has worked for years to finally reach this day, and that calls for a celebration!

  1. Plan Speeches: Even the most humble of people love hearing when their efforts are appreciated. Aim to have family members, friends, and colleagues give short speeches about how valuable your retiree was during his or her career.
  2. Commemorate Your Retiree: What’s even better than speeches at the retirement party itself? A physical, permanent reminder of how much your retiree was appreciated. Leave a book out during the event so attendees can write down how much they will miss the guest of honor.retirement-party-italian-center-banquets
  3. Invite Coworkers: Home and work often stay separate, but you should definitely invite both groups of people to the retirement party. Each group was a big part of your retiree’s journey to get to this day, so let everyone celebrate the occasion.
  4. Plan Fun Themes: Do you know if your guest of honor already has plans for after retirement? Does he or she maybe want to travel or take up golf? Find out what your retiree has in store, and theme the décor, food, and activities around that.
  5. Create a Good Playlist: Music livens up any party so make a playlist that sends the retiree off in style. In general, songs about vacationing and anything by Jimmy Buffett are safe bets. You can even throw in some karaoke songs for added entertainment.

At the end of the day, the most important part of a retirement party is celebrating the guest of honor’s hard work throughout his or her career. However, having a good venue definitely helps set the stage for a successful event. Italian Center Banquets offers gorgeous event spaces and excellent staff so you can make your event one to remember.

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