Planning a wedding can be a full time job. On top of the one that you probably already have, finding time to fit everything in can be really difficult. Learning how to effectively multitask will be the only way to get everything done. Here are four ways to make the most of your free time when planning your walk down the aisle.

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Your Commute: A lengthy commute can be your best friend when it comes time to planning your wedding. Trains and buses are the perfect places to sift through bridal magazines or go over your to-do lists. Use this time to send emails or make some quiet phone calls to feel productive on your way to work. Driving? No problem! Download possible song options and listen to them in the car as you narrow down your choices.

Your Lunch Break: Utilize this time to make phone calls with vendors or bring your laptop to continue your research. Setting up shop in a Starbucks a few days a week during your break will minimize the amount of time you have to devote when you get home after your busy work day.

Your Workout: Instead of just sitting on the bike at the gym and zoning out, this time can be spent reading wedding blogs, making guests lists or crossing off things from your to-do lists that you completed earlier in the day. You’ll be accomplishing your tasks while sweating for the wedding!

Your Dinner Prep: Whether you’re waiting for your food to finish cooking in the oven or sitting while dinner is being prepared, use this time to tie up any loose ends that you have been meaning to finish up. This won’t tap into your personal time later on, because everybody needs a little relaxation.

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