St. Patrick’s Day tends to be one of the biggest party days of the year. If you’re not too keen on being crammed into a bar that’s filled into capacity, you may want to throw your own party at home. The thing is, hosting a party comes with the responsibility of ensuring your guests’ safety.

In order to keep you and your guests safe when throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party, make sure you take these precautions.

Collect Keys

Drinking and driving is a big concern for this holiday. When guests arrive at your party, take their keys and place them in a big bowl where they will be safe. If someone has taken the responsibility of being a designated driver, they should be fine to keep their keys.

It’s important to note that it’ll be your responsibility to determine if someone is not sober enough to drive later on and if you need to hang onto their keys. This may get some people angry at that moment, but they’ll thank you later when they don’t spend the night behind bars.

Provide Plenty of Food

Guests will likely spend the day sipping on beer and whiskey, so make sure you have plenty of food for them to nosh on and help absorb the alcohol. You can choose to stick to traditional Irish foods, such as corned beef and soda bread, or simply go with fan favorites like potato skins, chips and dip, and mini weenies.

Don’t Make Drinks to Strong

If your old college buddy loves making a big bowl of his famous punch, that may prove to be a crowd pleaser. But make sure he doesn’t spike the punch too much. Not only will that likely result in the party ending early (alcohol makes people tired), but it could make a few guests sick if they enjoy it a little too much. No one wants that.

Call Cabs

If you decide to cut the party short and actually head out to a bar, the only people who should get behind the wheel are the designated drivers. If everyone can’t fit in their car, call cabs or order an Uber or Lyft. The $15 you’ll spend on a ride will be well worth everyone’s safety.

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