The holiday season is a busy one for all of us. Since Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday, it may be hard to see your friends and family the day of due to time and travel restrictions. Invite your friends and family over ahead of time to celebrate a day of giving thanks with one of these nontraditional Thanksgiving parties:

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Neighborhood Thanksgiving

Instead of having one person host a mass of people, organize a dinner party with your closest neighbors, by rotating houses throughout the meal. Start the Thanksgiving feast with cocktails at one house, appetizers at another, turkey with a few sides at the next, and coffee and pumpkin pie at the final house. You’ll alleviate the pressure of having all of the responsibility fall on one person, and going from house to house will keep the party fun!

Thanksgiving Tailgate
Tired of the traditional Thanksgiving feast but looking forward to football? What better way to celebrate than by throwing a Thanksgiving tailgate with a twist!  Get your turkey fix with turkey burgers and serve up sweet potato fries! Pumpkin pie is always a crowd favorite, as are ice cold beers.

Breakfast For Dinner

Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can be a huge ordeal and take days to prepare. Why not make things easy (and just as delicious) on yourself? Skip the traditional all-American fare served on Thanksgiving and opt for a breakfast including all your favorite Thanksgiving flavors. Start things off with cranberry-infused OJ or cranberry smoothies, then serve up pumpkin pancakes drizzled with cranberry-spiked syrup and toasted pecans, and a side of homemade turkey sausages, of course. If you really want to get in the cozy breakfast spirit, invite your guests over in their pajamas and enjoy a relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving together!

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