Reunions are a great way to bring the family back together and create memories that will last a lifetime. While getting the family together is one thing, keeping everyone entertained is another. Use these tips to add some fun to your family reunion and make it an event that will be having everyone wishing it wouldn’t end.


Create a Family History Tree

How many of your children know about their family passed their great-grandparents? Write up a history on your family —  people, birthdays, weddings —  and work it into a family tree. You can also include where people are from or make it into a game and have family members guess.

Do a “Day-in-the-Life” Slideshow

Sure, you can tell Grandma how your day was over the phone, but she doesn’t really know exactly what you do. Coordinate with a few family members, and have them take photos and videos of their day-to-day routines. Include what they do at work, any classes they take, and even everyday errands. This way, everyone in the family really has a sense of what everyone else is doing in their lives.

Play “Name That Relative”

If you come from a big family, there’s bound to be people whom the younger generation don’t know. Instead of overwhelming them by introducing them to two dozen new faces, make a game out of it.  Write down a few facts about each family member on a card, and give them name tags. Have someone read out the facts, and have the younger generation try to guess who they belong to. They ’ll probably be surprised if they hear Uncle Albert is an expert juggler.

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