A summer wedding can be one of the most beautiful affairs around. But they can also be some of the messiest if not planned properly. If you’re dreaming of having a picturesque wedding during the summer months, these are a few things you should keep in mind.

Keep Your Guests Cool summer-wedding-italian-center-banquets

  • Choose a venue with an indoor/outdoor space. Make sure you have the option of a tented area to provide your guests with relief from the heat.
  • Have sunscreen handy. While some guests won’t mind getting a slight tan, for those with more sensitive skin, sunscreen is a must for protecting their skin.
  • Protect from booty burn. If your chairs are made of metal, make sure to have cushions or fabric slips so they aren’t painful for guests to sit on.
  • Have cooling gadgets. As guests walk in, have a table with handheld, battery-powered fans or paper fans to help keep guests cool.

Keep Yourself Looking Pretty

  • Pick lightweight materials. Choose a dress made of lightweight material such as cotton organdy, chiffon, or crepe so you don’t sweat too much and stain the dress. The same goes for tuxedos!
  • Forgo the train. If you’re walking on grass, your train will just turn green with every step you take.
  • Bring along blotting paper and powder. Keep your face sweat and shine-free by having blotting paper and powder on hand throughout your event.
  • Pack away the perfume. Unless you want to be swatting bees away from your face during your summer wedding, skip the perfume that day.

Keep Your Food Safe

  • Keep your food cold. Meats, cheeses, and seafood items should be served on very cold platters or ice itself.
  • Cover everything. Prevent bugs from getting into your food by keeping trays covered and keeping flowers away from food stations.
  • Offer frozen drinks. Include frozen drinks, like margaritas and pina colada’s, as an extra way to keep guests cool.

The perfect summer wedding is made at the perfect venue. Italian Center Banquets offer beautiful picnic grounds and a spacious tented area that accommodates up to 1,600 guests. For more information, call us at 203-322-6950.