As the start of the school year approaches, ideas are probably going around about how to raise some money for all the programs and activities throughout the year. Before you resort to the traditional route of bake sales or candy sales, take things to the next level with some of these exciting back-to-school fundraiser events.



These events have helped college groups raise millions for various charities, so take a page from their books! Have students, parents, and teachers alike sign up to literally dance the night away and have them get sponsors who will donate a certain amount for each hour they dance. You could even offer prizes for the last dancers standing or those with the most sponsors.

Game Night

This is a great one for all the competitive brainiacs out in your school community. You can organize this fundraiser in a number of styles — Jeopardy-style or Family Feud-style are some of our favorites. Have guests pay an entry fee and have multiple rounds of games going to keep things moving. Whatever team ultimately wins can get a prize.

Bingo Night

An oldy, but a goody! Bingo is fun for people of all ages and a great crowd-drawer — plus everyone knows how to play it! Sell each bingo card individually and offer raffles as well throughout the night to raise even more money.

Auction Night

Have parents, teachers, and local businesses donate items to be auctioned off with most, if not all, of the proceeds going towards the school. Items can include sports tickets, spa packages, or artwork, but the sky’s the limit here. Want to get everyone really fired up? Choose your loudest, most outgoing parent or teacher as your auctioneer.


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