The best way to make sure everyone has fun at your party is by having a solid playlist of music. And no matter what event you’re holding or who’s in attendance, there are a few party songs that are guaranteed to be hits.

“Single Ladies” by Beyoncé

There’s not a soul on the Earth that doesn’t get up and at least attempt this choreography when this song comes on at parties. If the dance itself isn’t tempting enough, the beat alone is enough to make you want to get up and bop around.

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston

You can’t go wrong with Queen Whitney! As if this song isn’t catchy enough on its own, the words all but demand to be sung at top of your lungs. We can bet there isn’t a party you’ve been to that hasn’t had a group of people belting this one out in the middle of the dance floor.

“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

This one may be a little better known to the young generations, but it’s still a bop. The intro alone is enough to get everyone out their seats and flooding the dance floor by the time to refrain rolls around. We’d be shocked if your entire guest list didn’t join in in a resounding “Jealousy!”

“DJ Got Us Fallin’ Love” by Usher

What better song to dance to than a song about dancing? Infectious beat? Check. Rap break? Check. Easy to remember lyrics? Check.

“September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Any Disco-lover will be thrilled to hear this jam! Earth, Wind, and Fire is basically a requirement at any party and between the infectious and happy lyrics, “September” will have your guests forming up a soul train in seconds.

“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

There’s a bit of humor that goes along with this one. Older guests won’t be able to help but sway to the song, while younger generations will probably laugh at the idea of getting “Rick-Rolled.” Either way, all your guests will get a kick out of this song choice.

“Wannabe” by the Spice Girls

It’s “what they want.” Every single 90’s girl knows and will belt out every word to this classic. It’s an instant feel-good jam, so throw it on the playlist.

“Living on a Pray” by Bon Jovi

Calling all 80’s babies! While this one isn’t necessarily a dancing song, it’s 100% one that everyone will run to the dance floor to shout the lyrics to —  no can resist belting oh “We’re halfway there!” when this song comes on.


No matter what songs you choose to add to your party playlist, making sure the setting has enough for everyone to get down and boogie! Serafresca at the IC’s newly-designed banquet room holds up to 600 guests, so there’s room for everyone. Call us today at 203- 322- 6950 for more information about having your special event with us.