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Dear Diary,

Well — it happened. I’m officially Mrs. Cavill. I know I promised to write down every detail about my wedding planning as it went, but I got so caught up that I totally forgot to keep a diary. That being the case, I’m going to jot down the short version, so I can remember everything for years to come.

The first thing David and I did was find our venue. We went through a lot of places — and I mean a lot — before deciding on the perfect one. We picked Italian Center Banquets in Stamford. Everything there was perfect, and the staff was beyond amazing!

Then we figured out our guest list. I was so happy we got it narrowed down so quickly. We actually used our venue’s blog for tips to plan our entire wedding. (I told you they were great!)

Picking out our flowers, food, and decór all seems like a blur because we spent so much time doing it. Okay, okay — we mostly spent a lot of time planning the food. But that’s only because Italian Center had so many options to pick from, and we couldn’t decide!

Picking out my dress was probably one of my favorite things to do since I got to play princess for a day. I brought my mom, sister, and a few of my bridesmaids with me, and I think I tried on close to 15 dresses. When I found “the one,” I almost cried from how perfect I felt in it. I immediately knew that was the dress I wanted to walk down the aisle in.

Finally —  my wedding day. It was practically perfect! The ceremony was beautiful, and David cried when he saw me walking towards him. (Gosh, I love that man.) When we walked into the reception, I almost screamed from how beautiful everything was. The Italian Center really went above and beyond to make our special day one I’ll never forget.

I’ll write again soon. I’m going to going hang out with my husband. Ah! How cool is it that I can say that!

Xoxo Grace

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