When it comes to event planning, one of the hardest tasks to successfully master is planning the perfect menu. Between health restrictions and general preferences, it can be hard choosing a menu that all of your guests will love. Not to worry! There are a few things you can keep in mind in order to make sure everyone at your event is happy and full.


Give Guests Options

It’s no secret everyone has different tastes, so your best bet at keeping guests happy is to offer a little something for everyone. While yes, you want to make sure that you have foods you like at your event, you have to think about what your guests will like.

For example, you may love steak and chicken, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer pasta options for your vegetarian guests.

Match the Food to Your Theme

“Theme” here doesn’t necessarily mean having an Under the Sea-themed sweet 16 featuring only fish, but more refers to the overall vibe of your party. If you are having a very formal wedding, keep the food classy and elegant. But if you’re having a more casual, fun event, you may want to serve more finger foods to match that setting.

Consider Food Allergies

It can very frustrating for guests with food allergies to attend a party where they can’t eat anything. Have at least one dairy-free and one gluten-free option at your event to make sure no one goes hungry.

Keep It Simple

You might be big into the trendy foods that you see on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean your guests are. Having “out there” options can make guests feel cautious about eating foods they’ve never heard of and leave them hungry and grumpy.

While it’s okay to have one or two really unique foods, it’s safest to have simple foods that people know.

Always Have the Classics

People love comfort food and eating what they know. Especially for the pickier eaters, it’s best to include some fan favorites on your menu, such as cocktail weenies, Chicken Francese, and penne ala vodka. That almost guarantees that everyone will have something to munch on.

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