One of the most important decorative decisions you make when it comes to your wedding is what your centerpieces will look like. After all, they will be only a few feet away from your guests’ faces during dinner, so you want to make sure they’re pretty to look at. When it comes to choosing your centerpieces, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The Vibe of Your Wedding

Are you going for a glamorous feeling or something more intimate? Bold or subtle? The vibe you’re trying to create at your wedding should influence the kind of centerpieces you choose.

The Cost

Flowers can be a notoriously pricey part of decorating, so keep that in mind before you get your heart set on an extravagant flower centerpiece that doesn’t fit your budget. If you have a smaller budget, you should look into more affordable options that are just as beautiful as flowers.

The Different Kinds of Centerpieces


These are typically centerpieces that feature tall structures will smaller flower arrangements. Not only are they a more affordable option than larger flower arrangements, but they are also ideal for rooms with high ceilings since they fill space.

Trees and Branches

These have becoming increasingly popular as centerpiece options over the past few years, especially for more rustic or winter weddings. There’s something beautiful about the minimalism that these kinds of centerpieces bring.


If you are going for any sort of romantic or intimate feel, you should include candles in your centerpieces, if not make the candles the main focal point of the piece.

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