Wedding cakes are the pièce de résistance of your wedding menu and the centerpieces of the buffet table. And everyone at a wedding loves the moment when a bride and groom smash cake onto each other’s face after committing their lives to each other. But how do you decide what your wedding cake should look like or taste like — or if you should choose an actual cake at all?

Go for a Tasting

Before you go deciding on a specific type of cake or even a specific bakery, you should schedule a tasting. This allows you to know exactly how your cake will taste and also potentially open up your mind (and palette) to picking cake flavors you may not have thought of choosing before.

Figure Out How Many People Your Feeding

Since cakes are often priced by the slice, you want to make sure you’re not costing yourself unnecessary money by getting too big of a cake if there aren’t a lot of people to feed. You also don’t want to get too small of a cake and not have enough to go around. Figure out your final headcount before ordering a cake.

Plan Your Frosting Right

A majority of pictures in magazines include cakes covered in fondant that appear very sleek and modern. However, you have a lot of options when it comes to frosting. Besides fondant, buttercream is a traditional (and delicious) option and the whisps of meringue help create a romantic and whimsical cake for your big day.

You also don’t need to do a lot of frosting at all. What is normally known as a “crumb coat” — a very thin layer of frosting that doesn’t even cover your entire cake — is now a trendy new style for wedding cakes.

Don’t Choose Cake

It’s becoming more and more popular of a trend to ditch the traditional cake and opt for something a bit easier to eat and travel with. Many couples are opting for individual cupcakes or donut walls to allow guests to quickly grab a treat before heading to the dance floor.


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