Graduation season is here, and that means you should start thinking about how you’re going just throw your graduate the best party possible. Besides deciding where you’re going to host the event and what food you’re going to serve, you should also consider what entertainment you will provide guests. There are plenty of entertaining games you can play at your graduation parties that will have everyone having fun.


This classic backyard game involves two wooden “goals,”  and a couple of bean bags. Guests can play in pairs in single rounds, or you can choose to have a mini-tournament and offer the winning pair of guests a small prize. Either way, this game is sure to please.

Guess Who

This game is particularly fun if you’re celebrating multiple graduates who have a good sense of humor. Print out baby photos and fun facts about your graduate, and read them aloud to the party guests. Have guests guess who the photo belongs to and if the fun fact is true or false. Not only is this entertaining for all, but some of those fun facts can really get the crowd laughing.

Are You Smarter Than…?

Divide up teams of adults versus the graduate and his or her peers. Print out different (easy) academic and pop culture-based questions and have the team take turns answering them. The team with the most points wins and is “smart than….”

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