Ah, prom! The one night of the year that every high school student looks forward to. Between the dresses and tuxedos, fancy up-do’s, and limousines, everyone in attendance can feel like a movie star for the night.

While that night is definitely something to look forward to, we’re also a fan of a different type of senior prom — a senior citizen’s prom! If you’re looking to do some good in your community and make a senior citizen’s day, here are some tips for throwing this special night.

Reach Out to Local Senior Communities

Reach out to local senior groups, like your community center, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities and invite them to your senior prom. You can also invite your grandparents, their friends, and elderly neighbors — anyone who may like to have a fun night out!

Have the Right Music

If it’s a prom, there, of course, has to be dancing. However, remember to keep in mind that seniors often have much different taste in music than what’s playing on today’s Top 40 countdown. Make sure to include music they grew up with and help them relive their days at jazz clubs and sock-hops.

Have a Photo Booth

Especially if your senior citizen prom is the first party your older guests have been to in a while, they will want plenty of pictures to remember the night. Have a photographer going around the party to take photos of everyone and set up a photo booth with silly hats and props to allow seniors to take fun photos with their dates or other guests.

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