Tis the season to have a family reunion! You’ve waited all year (and sometimes even years!) to catch up with your beloved relatives from all over. To make sure you never forget this treasured event, here are some sentimental and unique keepsake ideas for your next  family reunion!


Group Of Young And Senior Couples Enjoying Family Meal


A Family Tree Thumbprint Poster: Each relative can add his or her mark! All you need is a photo or painting of a tree and some colored ink pads. Bring the tree to the reunion and have every family member stamp their thumb, placing it on the tree to represent the blooming flowers. It’s a simple idea, yet will mean so much.

A Family Cookbook: Recipes are passed down from generation to generation, so what better way to keep all of your family’s delicious secrets than by creating one big cookbook? You can have different relatives contribute their signature dish recipes ahead of time and either print them to make your own book, or have one made online. You’ll never want to forget the secret spice in Aunt Nelly’s apple pie, or what made Great Grandma Rose’s roasted chicken taste so delicious!

A Quilt: Gather every family member and hand out fabric squares. Let each one decorate their square with fabric markers or paint and have the family seamstress take it home to sew it all together. This is a beautiful way to not only remember all of your beloved family members, but to let them show off their creativity and originality as well.

A Group Photo: No family reunion would be complete without snapping a shot of your whole extended family! You may even want to have customized t-shirts made up to wear. You can have reprints made for every single person, or just share them online. Either way, you’ll be able to make a collection of your family photos through the years if you do this at every reunion!

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