Picnic season is in full swing–and eating outdoors is a special treat for kids! While it’s no doubt that children can be finicky eaters, these kid-friendly picnic recipes will be a real hit around your little ones. So grab your checkered blanket and pack up these perfect treats, we’re about to share some snacks that no kid could resist!

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Pancake Sandwiches:

This one is pretty self explanatory and easy to make–but a real kid pleaser! Put two pancakes together and stuff the center with the filling of your choice–peanut butter, fruit, nuts or even cheese are all great options. They’re a delicious spin on the traditional sandwich and simple to do for a picnic.

The Pizza Dog:

Take a fresh loaf of your favorite bread, add a few sticks of string cheese and then top it off with some sliced pepperoni or any other pizza favorites! This will be a fun treat for your child to make and it’ll taste delicious too!

Trailblazers Wrap:

Peanut butter and honey and bananas, oh my! This sweet  take on a traditional wrap combines the goodness of yogurt with granola and tortillas. Mix in some PB & B (peanut butter and banana), drizzle with honey, and voilà— a snack that will keep any child full and satisfied!

Hot Dog Rollups:

This pig-in-a-blanket savory snack is a perfect food to eat at a picnic. Throw some hot dogs on the grill, wrap them up in a crescent roll or piece of bread, and then grill some more. Our mouths are watering already!

S’mores Bars:

Because what’s a picnic without some s’mores? No child can resist the ooey gooey goodness of Golden Graham cereal, marshmallows and chocolate chips all melted together! Add some vanilla and a touch of butter and your child will be in heaven!


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