After all the planning and prepping for your wedding, the big day has finally arrived. If you want to add a little bit more excitement to the celebration or productively kill some time before your ceremony later on in the day, there are plenty of activities you can do on the morning of your wedding that will add some fun, while creating some memories for you and your wedding party, too.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise to loosen up your muscles, calm your nerves, and put you in a more zen mindset the morning of your wedding. Whether you decide to go to the studio or just roll out some yoga mats in your living room, this is a great activity for you and your wedding party to start the day off right.

Go to Brunch

There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t love a good brunch. Especially if you’re a little nervous, a mid-morning meal and mimosa can be a fun way to start your day. You don’t even have to go out for brunch, either: you can have everyone bring some supplies over and make a convenient brunch at home.

Head to the Spa

Nothing says rest and relaxation like a spa day! Before you get your hair and makeup done, treat yourself and your wedding party to a spa morning. A deep-tissue massage or a long manicure-pedicure can do wonders to relax you for your big day ahead. Just try to avoid any facials or intense skin treatments that could leave your skin very sensitive.

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