One of the most elegant affairs you can throw is a luncheon. Simple, yet sophisticated, this mid-day event is the perfect way to celebrate a new baby, new marriage, retirement, and more. In order to ensure your luncheon goes off without a hitch, here are a few tips to planning you’re next one.

Keep the Theme in Mind

Every good luncheon has a theme, and whichever one you choose will affect how formal or informal your event is. A “Royal Tea” theme may warrant a bit fancier of dress or stricter menu options, while “A Sunday in the Park” theme could make for a more relaxed dress code or DIY decorations.

Make the Venue Outdoors

While other types of events feel better suited for indoor spaces, luncheons are perfectly suited for the outdoors. Especially during the warmer months, a park or outdoor area of a catering hall provides a perfect setting for an afternoon luncheon.

Remember Food Allergies

Luncheons tend to have lighter, daintier your foods, so while you’re planning for pastries and light sandwiches, it’s important to keep in mind guests’ food allergies. Just because the food may not be as formal as other events, it shouldn’t mean that you don’t have vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

Allow for Appropriate Dress

Depending on the occasion, the dress code for a luncheon can greatly vary.  If you’re throwing a bridal shower, you may want to make the attire a bit more formal, since it can be a more formal occasion. If luncheon is for a baby shower or a retirement party, you may want to make the attire more casual for guests.

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