Surprise parties are some of the most exciting events to host — the thrill of planning a party that the guest of honor doesn’t know about fuels your entire plan! But you want to make sure that you make it to the actual day of the party without spoiling the surprise. If you want your surprise party to go off without a hitch, here’s what you need to factor in.

Does the Person Likes Surprises?

Not everyone loves the idea of unexpectedly walking into a room full of people shouting “surprise” at them. Seriously think about whether or not the guest of honor would appreciate and like being thrown a surprise party or if they’d rather know about the event beforehand.

Pick the Right Date

You should never plan a surprise party too close, much less on, a person’s birthday. That’s too predictable. It’s often best to plan the event to be at least a week, if not more, before someone’s actual birthday. This reduces the chance of them figuring out you’re planning something.

Choose the Guest List Wisely

First off, you need to invite people your guest of honor would actually invite themselves. That being said, it’s usually smart to get some help making the guest list if you’re unsure of who should definitely be on it. You can either keep the party small with just close family and friends, or you can make it a huge bash with coworkers, sports buddies, and the like.

Pick an  Unsuspecting Venue

Don’t send the guest of honor to a random restaurant they’ve never been to and would have no reason to go to. Pick a venue that will dazzle them but also not set any alarms off in their head. For example, Serafresca at the IC has beautiful grounds that offer outdoor activities. Tell the guest of honor you’re meeting the play some cornhole, but then surprise them with a wonderful party!

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