When you think of event security, you probably think of affairs like the Met Gala or a high-profile awards show. However, having security may serve a real purpose at your next function. But how do you decide if security is a good and/or necessary investment for your next event? Well, there are a few things to consider.

Do You Have Dramatic Guests?

We’re sure that anyone you invite to your party is a lovely person. However, sometimes emotions, potentially fueled by an open bar, can get the best of people and cause them to act out.  If you know someone on your guest list has the tendency to get a little loud or rowdy after a few drinks, security may be a good idea to help keep things running smoothly.

Did You Avoid Inviting Someone?

Whether it be to keep your guest list short or because you simply didn’t want them there, there’s a chance that you kept someone off your guest list. If you have any inclination that a person may crash the party, having security can help make sure that they don’t get in. This can also be the case if you’re worried that your children’s friends may show up unannounced.

Does Your Venue Require It?

Sometimes, especially for events with a lot of younger children or teenagers, venues will require you to hire security in order to keep everyone safe and behaving. For example, you never know if an underage guest may try to sneak in alcohol, so security would be in charge of checking bags and coats to ensure that doesn’t happen.

It’s important to talk to your venue and see if you are required to have security for your event. Even if you’re not, the extra help can’t hurt!

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