Your company is made up of a number of diverse people, with different interests and tastes — but all of whom work together toward a common goal in your business. When you want to reward them for all their hard work and round out the year with a holiday party, you’ll want to make sure you throw an event that everyone will enjoy!

Define the Guest List

Who’s getting an invite to this affair? In order to start looking at venues, you need to decide who’s going to be on the guest list for your holiday party. Will it be just employees? Employees and significant others? Maybe you’d even want to open the invite up for everyone to bring a plus-one.

Remember that the more guests you have, the more space you’ll need and the more mouths you’ll need to feed, so use your budget and judgment as best as you can.

Choose the Entertainment Wisely

This is when you really need to think of who your employees are. If your company is made up of mostly older employees, they may not appreciate a DJ who is only playing Top 40 pop and rap music. On the contrary, if you have a lot of younger employees, you shouldn’t necessarily hire a string quartet to play the entire night.

Read the room, and hire entertainment you know your employees will enjoy.

Have Transportation Options

We’re not saying you need to be responsible for how every one of your employees gets to and from the holiday party — but anticipate the need for extra rides. We’ve all seen or heard of people who have a little too much to drink and aren’t able to safely drive home, so have a cab company on call or a rideshare app available for employees who need a little help getting home.

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