One of the biggest honors you can have as a sister, cousin, or friend is being asked to be someone’s Maid of Honor. It shows that this person wants you to be there for her on one of biggest days of her life.

However, being a Maid of Honor comes with a lot of responsibilities. To make things a little easier, here’s a checklist so you know exactly what you’re getting involved in.

Dress Shopping

From the first time the bride goes dress shopping to the final fitting a few weeks before the wedding, you should be there to offer compliments and words of encouragement in case she’s having a tough time finding “the” dress.

Style Bridesmaids

If your bride is not fully sure how she would like her bridal party to dress, help her get an idea. Brainstorm and offer dress or other clothing options as well as help coordinate hair and makeup appointments for the bride and bridal party.

Host the Pre-Wedding Functions

You’ll likely be the one who plans the Bachelorette party for your bride, and you can either solo-host or co-host the bridal shower — depending on whether on not the bride’s mother or other family member wants to help out.

Prepare the Bride for the Wedding

Before the ceremony, it’ll be your job to help your bride get ready. That includes helping with hair & makeup, getting her in her dress, helping fix her train for her walk down the aisle, and keeping track of the rings (if there’s no ring bearer) and her bouquet — to name a few.

Be the Point of Contact

From the beginning of the wedding planning process to the end of the reception and all the time in between, you should act as the point of contact with any guests’ questions and issues. This is especially important the day of the wedding when your bride will be too busy to answer texts and phone calls.


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