Whether your family has 27 first cousins alone or you have a lot of old college buddies to invite, sometimes, your guest list can end up being longer than a CVS receipt. That often creates a bit of worry among many hosts that guests won’t feel as though they’re getting enough attention during an event.

Not to worry! If you’re worried your guests won’t feel like they’re getting enough attention, don’t be.

Host Pre-Parties

These are most popular with wedding celebrations and can help your guests feel like they’re seeing more of your face even if it’s not on the big day itself. Smaller events like bridal showers, bachelor parties, and rehearsal dinners can help create a more intimate feel for your event.

Choose Smaller Centerpieces

While large centerpieces can help fill out a large space, they also prevent guests from seeing each across tables, making them feel more cut off during your party. Pick centerpieces that don’t rise too far above your table to allow your guests to mingle and carry conversations while they’re seated.

Design Your Space Wisely

Even if your venue space is large enough to hold several hundred people, if you design your seating arrangements a certain way, the space can feel more intimate. You can also use specific types of lighting, such as candles and lanterns, to give the room a more romantic and homey feel.

Welcome Guests Right Away

Once the party really gets going, the guest(s) of honor will probably be busy dancing and enjoying their day, so they should spend a little time at the very start of the party to greet guests. This way, they’ll feel as if they at least got to see you and chat a bit before things get too busy.

Keep in Touch During the Party

Even with all the fun happening during the party, the host should check in on guests every now and again. This is usually easiest to do once the food is served and when everyone is sitting, so you’re able to easily pop over to each table and chat with guests for a few minutes.

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