In all your party planning, one of the hardest things to decide is what favor to send your guests off with. Since your favor will be the last thing guests take from your event (literally), you obviously want it to be something they won’t toss in the garbage. If you want to give out favors that guests will truly appreciate, consider these options. party-favors-serafina-at-the-ic

Flip Flops

Any woman who has worn heels to a party knows the struggle of either keeping your shoes on and dancing through the pain or taking them off and potentially being judged for barefoot. Give ladies a better option by offering flip flops as your party favors.

You can have them personalized or just give out plain pairs. Either way, you’ll be remembered as the host who offered them some sweet relief.


If you’re having an outdoor wedding or reception, give your guests sunglasses that double as party favors. This way, they won’t be blinded during your party, and they can use the favor countless other times in the future.


These are an especially great favor for summer or fall weddings since guests can use the koozies at the beach, concerts, or tailgates. What’s even better is that koozies are relatively easy to personalize and get in bulk.


If you have a slightly larger budget, give guests a personalized glasses they can use for years to come. You can choose a low-ball glass, a shot glass, a pint glass — whatever best suits your taste and budget.

Hangover Kits

This one will be especially appreciated by wedding guests who have little too much fun with the open bar. Give guests a bottle of water or Gatorade, some aspirin, and a morning snack to help cure them of the post-wedding blues.


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