When it comes to your wedding, we’re sure you’ve heard every superstition under the sun — and you might have even gone to some lengths to avoid clashing with them. Even though our belief in some signs of bad luck has changed over the years, if you’re looking to avoid any wedding superstitions at all, here are a few you should be aware of. wedding-superstitions-serafina-at-the-ic

Getting Married on a Saturday

This one is a bit ironic since Saturday is the most popular day to get married. Even so, English folklore deems Saturday marriages to be cursed with general bad luck. According to the legend, you should also avoid getting married on the 13th of any month.

Using Your New Name Before You’re Officially Married

Some people think that it’s bad luck to use your married name or monogram anything with your new last initial before you’re initially married — it could lead to the marriage not taking place at all. If you believe this superstition, hold off practicing your new signature until after the wedding.

Breaking Glass

Italian newlyweds traditionally smash a vase or glass during your their wedding. It’s believed that the number of pieces the glassware breaks into will symbolize the numbers of happily-married years you will have as a couple.

Crossing a Nun or Monk

According to folklore, if a bride sees a nun or monk on the way to her wedding, she will not have any children in her marriage and will be dependent on charity.

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

This popular wedding tradition came about from the Medieval European superstition that demons could get into a bride through her feet. To protect her, a groom would carry his bride over the threshold instead of having her walk on her own.

Wearing Pearls

A lot of brides wear pearls as their “something borrowed” from their mothers or grandmothers, but, according to myth, wearing pearls to your wedding will bring heartache to your marriage.

Rain is a Good Thing

While no bride wants to see torrential downpours the morning of her wedding, rain is apparently good luck in some cultures and is seen as bringing fertility to a marriage.


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