When it comes to choosing a wedding date, the options are endless. Do you want a destination wedding on a weekday with only your close family members in attendance? Have you been dreaming of this one specific date since you were little and will not budge? This decision is different for every future bride and groom, but here are some things to consider when narrowing down the days til you say I do!

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Symbolic: Wouldn’t it be romantic to get married on the same day that you had your first date? Or perhaps, the 50th anniversary of your grandparents? Choosing a date with a symbolic meaning is a great way to start off your marriage. Letting your guests know about the significance of this day in your ceremony programs adds an extra special touch.

Season: Some brides and grooms have a favorite time of year that they want to incorporate into their wedding. Weather is a big factor in choosing your wedding date. If you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor wedding, spring time might be ideal! If you’ve always loved pumpkin and apple cider flavored things and a cool crisp day, a fall wedding fares best.

Price: Wedding season kicks off around June, when prices are at their highest. If budget is a factor for you, stay away from June, August and September, when wedding dates are in high demand. Saturday nights carry a hefty price tag, but planning your nuptials for a weekday or Sunday will be sure to save you a pretty penny.  Looking to party on a three day weekend? Holiday weddings are typically cost effective, but keep in mind that some guests may already have travel plans and won’t be able to attend.

Important Guests: Everybody has those couldn’t-imagine-a-wedding-without-you type of guests. Be sure to check with them on any upcoming date conflicts that are absolutely non-negotiable for them and plan accordingly. But beware- accommodating everyone’s schedule can get complicated when choosing a date. Do your best to choose a time that works for everyone and don’t budge once it’s set!

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