We’ve all heard about the ‘Great Seat Debate’ when planning a wedding. You want to sit Aunt Carol next to Aunt Joanne, but Aunt Joanne wants to be with Uncle Joe! You have an even number of seats at every table and then that one final RSVP throws everything off! Setting up a wedding seating chart doesn’t have to be tricky, though! Here are a few tips to keep in mind that’ll make everyone happy!

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  • Typically, a separate head table is arranged for the new Mr. & Mrs. to enjoy some quality time together. Decide if this is something that you and your future spouse want.
  • The tables closest to the bride and groom should include the maid of honor, best man and immediate family members. These are the most important people to the new couple and they will want to be nearby to make sure they don’t miss a thing.
  • Depending on the size of the bridal party, it might be necessary to split them among a few tables–obviously, make sure to include their significant others at the same tables too.
  • Group your guests according to how you know them. Family members, coworkers and friends from different aspects of your life (college, childhood, sports teammates) should all have separate spots.
  • Seat younger guests closest to the dance floor so they can get up to dance and enjoy the loud music. Older guests usually prefer a more quiet setting away from the dance floor, making it easier for them to catch up with friends and family members.
  • Don’t have a singles-only table. Sure, weddings are a great way to introduce people, but skip this to avoid making them feel awkward.
  • If you’re at a loss with where to seat your parent’s friends or coworkers, enlist their help! They’ll be happy to be involved and have a better understanding of who will be best together.
  • If you do have to combine different groups of people in one spot, ask someone at the table to introduce everyone to make sure that all of your guests feel comfortable.
  • Don’t let the table plan get you down! After all, the average wedding guests spends only an hour seated at the table and the rest of the time mingling or up on the dance floor!

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