thanksgiving banquet stamford

Hosting a Thanksgiving feast can feel like a holiday for everyone except the host! From preparing the bird to preparing your home, there is a lot that goes into planning a Thanksgiving party. Host your guests with style and ease with these simple Thanksgiving planning tips:

Spruce Up Your Centerpiece: There’s no need for you to spend a lot of time and money on a Thanksgiving centerpiece, when your best materials are in your own backyard! Gather some branches or crab apples and arrange them around candles. This DIY centerpiece will add a festive touch to your home without breaking the bank.

Label The Dishes: Since many guests have dietary restrictions, it’s a good idea to label your dishes. Spare vegetarians, picky eaters or allergy sufferers from having to ask you to rattle off the ingredients in each dish, and label them on cute parchment paper leaves!

Fake It, Don’t Bake It: Since a traditional Thanksgiving meal requires a lot of different options, it’s OK to buy some of your breads and pastries. Save yourself some time to focus on the bigger parts of the meal and head to the bakery or supermarket to supply the sweets.

Create Doggie-Bags With a Twist: A Thanksgiving meal is notorious for having tons of leftovers. Free up some of the space in your fridge by offering your guests to take dishes home. Instead of worrying about sending them with your tupperware that you may never see again, opt for cardboard takeout containers like these, and adorn them with some ribbon. Not only will you be eliminating the task of finding room in your fridge, but you’ll be providing additional meals to your guests all week in the cutest way possible!

These tips will help you survive hosting your Thanksgiving–but if you’re looking to pass your holiday hosting duties off to the professionals, Italian Center Banquets is here for you! Our three beautiful rooms can be setup to accommodate any theme or budget for all of your holiday party needs. To schedule your event with us, give us a call at 203-322-6950 or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer.