Hosting and cooking a Thanksgiving meal is a big milestone for any cook, but can also come with some nerves when preparing it for the first time. If this is your first Thanksgiving that you’ll be cooking the bird and mashing the potatoes, these tips will help you survive your big hosting responsibility:

Thanksgiving banquet stamford

Always accept help: Thanksgiving is often a potluck affair, which makes it easier for the host. Let friends and family bring things, and don’t be shy about delegating parts of the meal that stress you out.

Get a head start: Avoid the stress of the last minute rush and prepare some things ahead of time. When you’re planning your menu, look for dishes that can be made ahead. Starting your prep a few days early will ensure thing go smoother and are less chaotic the day of.

Don’t experiment with new recipes: Since Thanksgiving is all about the classics,  stick with recipes that are tried-and-true.

Set the table the night before: Don’t fuss with the table on the day of. Setting it the day before will free up your time to focus on perfecting your recipes and putting last minute touches on your home.

Have cocktails and appetizers ready to go: As long as your guests have a cold drink in their hand and a few bites to nosh on ahead of time, they won’t care if dinner is served an hour later than planned. Putting out some cheese and crackers or crudite will leave your guests happy and buy you some extra time in the kitchen.

It’s OK to buy parts of your meal: Buying an already made pie or some delicious mac and cheese is perfectly fine to do and will make your day more relaxing.

Relax and have fun: After All, people are there to gather with you and one another, not to be entertained. You should be proud of all of your hard work in the kitchen and for hosting your first Thanksgiving!

These tips will help you survive your first Thanksgiving as a host–but if you’re looking to pass your holiday hosting duties off to the professionals, Italian Center Banquets is here for you! Our three beautiful rooms can be setup to accommodate any theme or budget for all of your holiday party needs. To schedule your event with us, give us a call at 203-322-6950 or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer.