Hosting a corporate event can be a great way to attract new business, create a buzz around your brand, or thank your loyal clients. Whatever the reason may be, throwing a business party can require a lot of detailed planning. Here are some tips to make sure your next corporate event is a success!

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Set a Goal– What is the purpose of your event? Are you trying to create awareness of your brand, build a fan base or attract media attention? Whatever it may be, set a goal and then determine what type of event is best.

Timing– Planning an event around holidays or busy times of year might hurt the success of your party. Choose a date that won’t conflict with other important ones and consider sending Save The Dates ahead of time.

Budget– The scope of the event will determine how big your budget is. Are you offering entertainment or having workshops and speakers? Do you have a sponsor or partner to share the costs with? It’s imperative to set a budget and adhere to it, allotting some money for unexpected expenses that are sure to arise.

Designate a Team– Is the event small enough to assign all responsibility to one person in charge? Or is a team necessary? Make sure there is clear communication in defining tasks to avoid event day blunders.

Create Marketing Plan– Allow ample time to get the word out to your guests–in addition to invitations, email outreach and online advertising are some effective ways to market the event. If your party requires media coverage, send a press release to local reports and bloggers, inviting them to cover your event.

Build Buzz: Social media is a great, instant way to get your target audience excited about the affair. Keep interest high by teasing the event online the week of. When your guests are in attendance, make sure to hand out business cards, brochures or giveaways as another way to promote your business.

Follow up: Just because your event is over doesn’t mean that your job is done. Follow up with attendees, thanking them for coming. This will allow you to keep the lines of communications open and will help establish them as potential customers in the future.

One major part of any successful corporate event is great service!  The Italian Center Banquets prides itself on delivering gracious hospitality in one of our quality banquet rooms. For more information on planning your next corporate event, contact us here or call 203-322-6950.