Party planning can be extremely stressful at times. A lot of the times, people tell you they worried more about details they think their guests would care about. But here’s the secret: the majority of guests aren’t worried about the little details that you think they are.

Save yourself the stress, and put a bigger focus on what your guests actually care about when it comes to a celebration.


The Food

There’s a reason guests eye the buffet the second they walk into your party. Food can make or break your event and quite literally leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouths if you choose a poor caterer. Make sure to choose a venue or a caterer with good reviews and a good reputation — and always do a taste test beforehand.

The Music

The music you choose for your party should reflect the occasion as well as your guest list. While a select few guests that you’ve known since college may want a lot of hip-hop music playing, Grandma Gina and your older relatives may not appreciate that kind of music. Work with your DJ or band to create a playlist that caters to a variety of different music tastes that way everyone is happy on the dance floor.

The Bar

For a lot of guests, the open bar and free alcohol is a major perk of a wedding. This being the case, you may not want to opt for a cash bar that, since that can make guests grumpy that they have to pay for their own drinks.

However, don’t feel like you have to splurge for top shelf. If you’re trying to stick to a more conservative budget, offer wine, beer, and well drinks — they’ll do the trick.

The Decor

While decorations you choose for your event can definitely impressed guests, that’s not to say that a lack of elaborate decor will leave them disappointed. Decorate how you’d like, and as long as guests think the room looks pretty, you’ll be golden.


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