When you’re planning the guest list for your wedding, you may run into a common problem that couples find themselves facing —  how many guests can you afford to give a plus one? While you may think you’re obligated to give anyone who is invited the option to bring a date, that’s not the case. While there are some people who should be allowed a plus one, there are other people who definitely don’t need one.


Who Should Be Allowed a Plus One?

Married People

It’s always a good idea to allow anyone who you know is married to bring a plus one. Even if you haven’t met their spouse, it’s considered polite and helps guests feel more comfortable having their partner with them.

Those in Serious Relationships

If your best friend from college has been dating the same person for seven years, even if they’re not technically married, you should give them a plus one. This also applies to anyone who is engaged or lives with their significant other.

Your Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen should be allowed to bring a date if they choose. While you shouldn’t require them to bring a date, after they put in all the work of being there for you during your wedding planning, it’s very considerate to give them a plus one.

Important Single People

Do you have a very close friend who you met years ago while on vacation, but who will know absolutely no one besides you at your wedding? Help them feel a little more comfortable and allow them to bring a date.

Who Doesn’t Need a Plus One


While it may be nice to allow coworkers to bring a date to your wedding, it’s not required. Especially if multiple colleagues are attending your big day, there’s no need to have them bring a plus one, — they can all hang out with each other.

Casual Daters

If your cousin has only been seeing her significant other for a couple of months, there’s no reason you need to allow her to bring them to your wedding. Besides the fact that those plus ones may not be close enough to celebrate your big day with you, should the couple break up before your wedding, you’re out the cost of their plate.

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